Loose Fill For low cost, high performance protection, Loose Fill has been a consistent best seller for years. Providing light, low density protection, it’s available from stock in either Expanded Polystyrene or Bio-degradable specifications.

Contact our Customer Service Team to discuss which product best suits your budget and protective needs. Hoppers available on request.

Stock Code Description Volume
PSPAN Pelaspan 15 cubic feet
Polyethylene Foam

Polyethylene Foam provides clean, lightweight protection, preventing scratching and surface damage in storage and transit. It’s non-abrasive, non-corrosive and is both recyclable and reusable.

Stock Code Metric Size Thickness Rolls per Bundle
PF1001 750mm x 300M 1mm 2
PF1501 1500mm x 300M 1mm 1
PF1001.5 750mm x 200M 1.5mm 2
PF1501.5 1500mm x 200M 1.5mm 1
PF1002.5 750mm x 120M 2.5mm 2
PF1502.5 1500mm x 120M 2.5mm 1
PF1004 750mm x 75M 4mm 2
PF1504 1500mm x 75M 4mm 1
Large Bubble Wrap For additional transit protection, we also stock a full range of branded Large Bubble Film. Cost effective, strong and lightweight, it’s ideal for wrapping, cushioning and void filling.

Stock Code Metric Size Thickness Rolls per Bundle
BUB30T10 300mm x 50M 20mm 5
BUB50T10 500mm x 50M 20mm 3
BUB60T10 600mm x 50M 20mm 2
BUB75T10 750mm x 50M 20mm 2
BUB100T10 1000mm x 50M 20mm 1
BUBU120T10 1200mm x 50M 20mm 1
BUB150T10 1500mm x 50M 20mm 1
Small Bubble Wrap

We stock a full range of quality, branded Small Bubble Film. For all your protective packing and wrapping requirements, be sure to give us a call. Laminated, self adhesive, anti-static, bio-degradable and bespoke sheets or bags are available on request.

Stock Code Metric Size Thickness Rolls per Bundle
BUB30C5 300mm x 100M 10mm 5
BUB50C5 500mm x 100M 10mm 3
BUB60C5 600mm x 100M 10mm 2
BUB75C5 750mm x 100M 10mm 2
BUB100C5 1000mm x 100M 10mm 1
BUB120C5 1200mm x 100M 10mm 1
BUB150C5 1500mm x 100M 10mm 1


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