PVC Shrink Film

We stock a wide range of PVC Shrink Film, supplied centre folded for ease of product placement, in various widths and thicknesses. This is a fast shrinking film offering great performance on high speed machines.

Stock Code Thickness Width Length (Metres)
PVC19250 19mu 250/500mm 600
PVC19300 19mu 300/600mm 600
PVC19350 19mu 350/700mm 600
PVC19400 19mu 400/800mm 600
PVC19450 19mu 450/900mm 600
PVC19500 19mu 500/1000mm 600
PVC25350 25mu 350/700mm 450
PVC25400 25mu 400/800mm 450
PVC25450 25mu 450/900mm 450