Polythene Layflat Tubing Medium Duty
Our Medium Duty Layflat Tubing is a flexible alternative to polythene bags and is best used in conjunction with a heat sealer. Particularly versatile when packing longer, awkward products and allows you to make your own bag sizes on demand. Heavier weights, made to measure sizes and printing are available on request.

Stock CodeImperial Width (")Metric Width (mm)DescriptionRoll Weight
LFT2M250mmMedium Duty Layflat Tubing2.00Kg
LFT3M376mmMedium Duty Layflat Tubing3.00Kg
LFT4M4102mmMedium Duty Layflat Tubing4.00Kg
LFT5M5127mmMedium Duty Layflat Tubing5.00Kg
LFT6M6152mmMedium Duty Layflat Tubing6.00Kg
LFT7M7178mmMedium Duty Layflat Tubing7.00Kg
LFT8M8203mmMedium Duty Layflat Tubing8.00Kg
LFT9M9229mmMedium Duty Layflat Tubing9.00Kg
LFT10M10254mmMedium Duty Layflat Tubing10.00Kg
LFT12M12305mmMedium Duty Layflat Tubing12.00Kg
LFT16M16406mmMedium Duty Layflat Tubing16.00Kg
LFT18M18457mmMedium Duty Layflat Tubing18.00Kg
LFT20M20508mmMedium Duty Layflat Tubing20.00Kg
LFT24M24610mmMedium Duty Layflat Tubing24.00Kg