Documents Enclosed Wallets
Save time and money with our Polythene Documents Enclosed Wallets. They eliminate the need for additional address labelling and provide a convenient way to deliver your invoices, picking lists and advice notes. We stock all the popular sizes and additionally offer a bespoke printing service, up to 4 colours. A cost effective enhancement to promote your brand.

Stock CodeMetric SizeProduct DescriptionBox Quantity
DOCA7P113mm x 100mmA7 Plain1000
DOCA7113mm x 100mmA7 Documents Enclosed1000
DOCA6P158mm x 120mmA6 Plain1000
DOCA6158mm x 120mmA6 Documents Enlosed1000
DOCDLP225mm x 120mmDL Plain1000
DOCDL225mm x 120mmDL Documents Enclosed1000
DOCA5P225mm x 165mmA5 Plain1000
DOCA5225mm x 165mmA5 Documents Enclosed1000
DOCA4P318mm x 225mmA4 Plain500
DOCA4318mm x 225mmA4 Documents Enclosed500