MailLite Oyster Mailing Bags
MailLite® bubble lined mailing bags offer secure, cushioned transit protection. Manufactured using a strong kraft outer paper and lightweight air filled bubble film, MailLite® Bags can significantly reduce your mailing costs compared with heavier alternatives. With bespoke printing available from just 5,000 Bags, you can personalise your bags to maximise sales opportunities and promote your brand. To place an order or receive your personalised printed estimate, please contact our Customer Service Team today.

Stock Code Internal Size (mm) Product Description Bags per Carton
MLOA/000 110 x 160 Oyster 100
MLOB/00 120 x 210 Oyster 100
MLOC/0 150 x 210 Oyster 100
MLOD/1 180 x 260 Oyster 100
MLOE/2 220 x 260 Oyster 100
MLOF/3 220 x 330 Oyster 50
MLOG/4 240 x 330 Oyster 50
MLOH/5 270 x 360 Oyster 50
MLOJ/6 300 x 440 Oyster 50
MLOK/7 350 x 470 Oyster 50
Oyster Bags are manufactured using heavier 124gsm Kraft Paper.