C - Fold Hand Towels We stock an extensive range of Folded Hand Towels. For specification advice and pricing, please contact our Customer Service Team.

Stock Code Description Size Pack Quantity
IHT34438 2 Ply White Deluxe C-Fold Hand Towels 24cm x 33cm 24 Sleeves/100 Sheets
IHT34445 White 2 Ply Premium Wiper Roll 24cm x 33cm 14 Sleeves/150 Sheets
IHTG2880 1 Ply Green C-Fold Hand Towels 23cm x 31cm 28 Sleeves/80 Sheets
IHT240C 2 Ply White Non-stop Hand Towel 29cm x 33cm 24 Sleeves/100 Sheets

Alternative sizes, colours and grades available on request to fit any dispenser