Staples & Brads
To compliment our range of Rapid ® Staplers, we recommend using branded Rapid ® Staples. With 19 popular sizes available from stock, we’re frequently chosen by many discerning customers.

Carton Staplers, Pneumatic Staplers and Staple Removers available on request. For current pricing and compatibility advice, please contact our Customer Service Team.

Stock Code Description Pack Quantity
SR9/8 Rapid No. 9 Series 8mm Staples 5000
SR9/12 Rapid No. 9 Series 12mm Staples 5000
SR9/14 Rapid No. 9 Series 14mm Staples 5000
SR9/17 Rapid No. 9 Series 17mm Staples 1000
SR9/20 Rapid No. 9 Series 20mm Staples 1000
SR300/15 Rapid No.300 Series15mm Brad 900
SR13/4 Rapid No. 13 Series 4mm Staples 5000
SR13/6 Rapid No. 13 Series 6mm Staples 5000
SR13/8 Rapid No. 13 Series 8mm Staples 5000
SR13/10 Rapid No. 13 Series 10mm Staples 5000
SR13/14 Rapid No. 13 Series 14mm Staples 5000
SR24/6 Rapid No. 24 Series 6mm Staples 5000
SR24/8 Rapid No. 24 Series 8mm Staples 5000
SR26/6 Rapid No. 26 Series 6mm Staples 5000
SR26/8 Rapid No. 26 Series 8mm Staples 5000
SR66/6 Rapid No. 66 Series 6mm Staples 5000
SR66/8 Rapid No. 66 Series 8mm Staples 5000
SR73/8 Rapid No. 73 Series 8mm Staples 5000
SR73/10 Rapid No. 73 Series 10mm Staples 5000
SR73/12 Rapid No. 73 Series 12mm Staples 5000