Rubber Bands

For fast and economical bundling there’s no better solution than the tried and tested Rubber Band. We stock 18 popular sizes, with coloured and bespoke bands available on request.

Stock CodeApprox. Qty per lbMetric Size (mm)Size RefPack SizeCase Quantity
RB12300040 x 1.512454g40 Packs
RB14273050 x 1.514454g40 Packs
RB16227060 x 1.516454g40 Packs
RB18171080 x 1.518454g40 Packs
RB19152090 x 1.519454g40 Packs
RB201360100 x 1.520454g40 Packs
RB24910150 x 1.524454g40 Packs
RB30118050 x 330454g40 Packs
RB3186060 x 331454g40 Packs
RB3274080 x 332454g40 Packs
RB3365090 x 333454g40 Packs
RB34590100 x 334454g40 Packs
RB35520115 x 335454g40 Packs
RB36470126 x 336454g40 Packs
RB38390150 x 338454g40 Packs
RB6432090 x 664454g40 Packs
RB65290100 x 665454g40 Packs
RB69190115 x 369454g40 Packs

Bulk Discounts Available on ALL orders of 40 packs or more.