binding ring

To compliment our range of binding screws, we also stock a wide range of Nickel Plated Binding Rings, in either Split or Hinged specification. For current pricing and availability, please contact our Customer Service Team.

Stock CodeSize & DescriptionPack Quantity
BINDR14H14mm Hinged Rings100
BINDR20H20mm Hinged Rings100
BINDR25H25mm Hinged Rings100
BINDR32H32mm Hinged Rings100
BINDR38H38mm Hinged Rings100
BINDR50H50mm Hinged Rings100
BINDR63H63mm Hinged Rings100
BINDR76H76mm Hinged Rings100
BINDR20S20mm Split Rings100
BINDR25S25mm Split Rings100
BINDR32S32mm Split Rings100
BINDR38S38mm Split Rings100
BINDR51S51mm Split Rings100