Double Sided Foam Tape and Pads

Our standard double sided foam tape and pads are ideal for both print finishing and the POS industry. With excellent permanent adhesive properties they’re suitable for application on most surfaces including rigid plastics, corrugated board, signs and displays. We also supply application specific foam tape or pads on request.

Stock CodeMetric SizeDescriptionBox Quantity
TDFM1212mm x 60M1mm Tape1
TDFM1919mm x 60M1mm Tape1
TDFM2525mm x 60M1mm Tape1
TDFM12212mm x 30M2mm Tape1
TDFM19219mm x 30M2mm Tape1
TDFM25225mm x 30M2mm Tape1
TDFMP612mm x 12mm1mm Pads5000 per roll
TDFMP212mm x 25mm1mm Pads5000 per roll
TDFMP125mm x 25mm1mm Pads2500 per roll
TDFMP325mm x 25mm2mm Pads1500 per roll