Spine Binding Tape

We stock a comprehensive range of Spine Binding Tape. With a unique cloth effect finish and high tack adhesive, this tape is frequently requested for finishing books, pads, cheque books, gift vouchers and other similar applications. For current availability and prices, please contact our Customer Service Team.

Stock CodeMetric SizeDescriptionBox Quantity
TSP25B25mm x 50MBlack6 Rolls
TSP25W25mm x 50MWhite6 Rolls
TSP25R25mm x 50MRed6 Rolls
TSP25BL25mm x 50MBlue6 Rolls
TSP25G25mm x 50MGreen6 Rolls
TSP38B38mm x 50MBlack4 Rolls
TSP38W38mm x 50MWhite4 Rolls
TSP38R38mm x 50MRed4 Rolls
TSP38BL38mm x 50MBlue4 Rolls
TSP38G38mm x 50MGreen4 Rolls
TSP50B50mm x 50MBlack3 Rolls
TSP50W50mm x 50MWhite3 Rolls
TSP50R50mm x 50MRed3 Rolls
TSP50BL50mm x 50MBlue3 Rolls
TSP50G50mm x 50MGreen3 Rolls
TSP75B75mm x 50MBlack2 Rolls
TSP75W75mm x 50MWhite2 Rolls
TSP75R75mm x 50MRed2 Rolls
TSP75BL75mm x 50MBlue2 Rolls
TSP75G75mm x 50MGreen2 Rolls